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DVX-3266-2265-4k Switcher & Controller Update


​This article contains two downloads: and *

- The contains the switcher firmware.

- The contains the central Controller firmware and the current 5001 Device firmware (v1.1.50).

* Note: If your DVX-4K is/will not load Duet Modules, first make sure you have the latest Duet Module versions.  Then you may need hotfix v1.6.200 correcting some module loading issues:​

Some fixes/features include:

5002 Switcher updates: (see Switcher Readme for details)

  •  Added commands to allow PUBLIC IP on DXLink ports for legacy and HDBT endpoints 

  •  Optimized upgrade process to prevent component upgrade failures

  •  Fixed issue to automatically disable DXLink Ethernet when connecting multiple DVX-4K systems to each other

  •  Fixed issues causing 5002 to drop offline either at bootup or over time

  •  Fixed issue leading to video loss/lockup 

  •  Improved webgui reporting for DXLink Quality and Video Details​ for certain endpoints

  • (New to 1.9.4) Fixed Asychronous Video Status feedback

  • (New to 1.9.4) Modified the boot version reporting in Netlinx Studio Online Tree for future reference​

NX Controller updates: (see Controller Readme for details)

  •  Fixed an issue that prevented setting the NTP server from the WebUI

  •  Fixed an issue that could cause an error pop-up when selecting Static IP address

  •  Corrected a DVX-4K issue where a​udio could be switched to the wrong output from the Web UI when in AV Switch mode

Overall steps to this article:

  1. Update DV​X central C​ontroller version then Switcher version
  2. Update DXLINK endpoints

Step 1:

The order of loading the firm​​ware is to update the central controller first, then update the switcher.

  1. Load SW2106_NX-X200_Controller_v1_8_90.kit to device 0, wait for the DVX to reboot and come back online​​.
  2. Load SW1906_25A_SWITCHER_v1_9_4.kit to device 5002.  The DVX will reboot and the 5002 will begin the update.  Do not power cycle the DVX until the 5002 has fully completed the update and is back online in Netlinx Studio. The front panel of the DVX shows the update status.
  • IMPORTANT:  This upgrade can take from 30 min to 2 hours depending on the starting firmware.  Please be patient and don't reboot the DVX until it is done.
  • Note: It is recommended to send the command ?FWVERSION to 5002:1:0 before and after the upgrade and keep the responses handy so you can verify all components have updated correctly. See Readme for details.

Step 2:

**If the link takes you to the product page of a device, find the newest revision under downloads.

If you have DXLINK Transmitter or Receiver endpoints, please update their firmware also.






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