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DVX-3266-2265-4k Switcher & Controller Update

Hotfix firmware - software

​This article contains two downloads: and

Overall steps to this article:

  1. Update DVX central controller and switcher
  2. Update DXLINK endpoints
  3. Update your code for NTP if necessary

Step 1:

The contains just the switcher firmware.

The contains the central controller firmware and Netlinx code you may need in Step 3.

The order of loading the firmware is central controller first, then the switcher.

  1. Load SW2106_NX-X200_Controller_v1_8_86.kit to device 0, wait for the DVX to reboot.
  2. Load SW1906_25A_SWITCHER_v1_8_4.kit to device 5002, wait for the DVX to reboot and the 5002 address to reappear in the online tree in Netlinx Studio. The front panel of the DVX will show an update status. Loading this firmware can take some time, please be patient and don't reboot the DVX until it is done updating.

Step 2:

If you have DXLINK Transmitter or Receiver endpoints, please update their firmware also.

Step 3:

Once the switcher, central controller and endpoints are updated and reflect the updated firmware version in the online tree, you can determine if you need the Netlinx code contained in the

If you need to set a custom NTP server which you would have normally done via the web pages of the DVX central controller, then you need this code. If your DVX does not have access to the internet or a NTP server, do not worry about this code. Assuming you do need to set a custom NTP server, there are two files, CLKMGR TIMESERVER DEMO.axs and CLKMGR TIMESERVER SET.axi. Instructions are in the .axs file.

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