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N3K Updater Hotfix


Product Name: N-Series N3000 Video Encoder/Decoder
FG #:   FGN3132A-SA

Version: 2.12.153
Release Date: 02-19-2024

1. Prerequisites

- None

2. Revision History
Version 2.12.153
This build includes changes that were made to address decoder lockup (HPSD-28687) as well as 1080 24hz resolution issue (HPSD-28318). 

Version 2.12.148
Updated getStatus string to include bypassscaler data for encoder.

Version 2.12.139
Fixed an issue where units could become unresponsive overtime requiring a device reboot.(updated 2/19/24)

Version 2.12.138
Fixed error downloading debug logs from webpage

Version 2.12.132
Fixed an issue with Native Netlinx causing Serial and Communication issues. (updated 2/19/24)  

Version 2.12.128
• Improved performance when connected to a Precis switcher(updated 2/19/24)

Version 2.12.127
Made adjustments to resolution settings to allow for 24hz framerate when not streaming.(updated 2/19/24)

Version 2.12.119
added TLS security data to only allow for TLS1.2 and greater for passing of nessus scan.

Version 2.12.109
Fixed an issue when updating could cause unit to become unresponsive. 

Version 2.12.108
Webpage fix for motion quality slider

Version 2.12.107
Updated getStatus feature to include Scaler Status

Version 2.12.106
Fixed image preview and debug log downloading

Version 2.12.105
Webpage and security updates

Verison 2.12.102
Fixed an issue when the DNS server is unavailable when the unit is booting.

Verison 2.12.49
Corrected the reporting when polling getUSBFree
Added the command getUSBStatus. returns the status of USB device by replying with
USB device found or No USB device
Updated getStatus response to include USB parameters
Improved detection and reporting of unsupported resolutions
Stream speed and stability improvments

Verison 2.12.36
Updated jQuery for security improvements

Verison 2.12.35
PoE change to Class 3 

Verison 2.12.34
Disable/Enable Webpage - command: "password\rwebPageEnable\r" 

Verison 2.12.33
Model hostname change for LLDP report

Version 2.12.32
Updated web browser security

Version 2.12.31
Fixed Hostplay not showing after removing valid video 
        going into Encoder

Version 2.12.30
Fixed RTMP streaming @ 1080p(24hz, 50hz, 60hz) 
        to youtube

Version  2.12.21
Fix for decoder analog audio stopping after days 
        of usage
NAND Driver Update

Version  2.12.13
Add support for record status packet
Reset buffers to eliminate jitter in video stream

Version  2.12.11
Add support for record status packet
Improve tolerance to jitter in audio stream
Reboot on audio codec lockup

Version  2.12.5
Resolve issue with response to discovery broadcast
Support openDHCP server
Remove 1024 lower limit on RTSP port number
Netlinx updates

3. Known Issues






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