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DGX x00 with 4K60 DXLink - Switcher & Controller Update



​This article contains two downloads (loca​ted in upper right corner of this page): and an updated 

​NOTE:  These files are only required on Enova DGX x00 series systems using 4K60 DXLink Copper or Fiber cards & associated endpoints.  DGX systems without 4K60 DXLink cards & endpoints should continue to use v3.6.30 switcher and 1.6.179 (or 1.6.200 hotfix) controller firmware unless otherwise directed.  Do not use any other v1.6.20x controller firmware as this has been found to cause issues with DGX systems.

NOTICE: Some RXs offline/resync issues were found with the DGX running v3.8.21.  So we have provided the previous kit v3.8.18 as a temporary workaround until the fix (currently under testing) is available. 

Main features/fixes include:

There were many DGX Switcher features/changes from 3.8.13 to 3.8.18 (see readme for details)

NX Controller changes in v1.8.107 (hotfix)

  • Improved secure NTP usage
  • Fixed issue with Dante Mic 2 enabling from Web GUI 1.9.3 DVX2265
  • Fixed ?FAN_SPEED in DVX-XXXX-4K units
  • 802.1x fixes and updates 
  • Fix NVRAM usage (timing change), fixes Duet module loading reliability, and persistence in netlinx programs​

v1.8.97 (release)

  • Updated WebGUI to​ properly recognize/report the DxLite Tx or HDBaseT devices on boot
  • Improved async messages status so messages are queued until ?CONFIG command response is parsed and sent to WebGUI by websocket

​Step 1: ​Switcher Update

Programming note: Due to a memory allocation change in the DGX MCPU, an “Out of Memory Error" will occur when upgrading from versions prior to 3.8.18.  To help prevent this, a separate MCPU only kit has been included in the attached EnovaDGX zip file so it can be sent first prior to the full kit, if needed.  See details below.

REMEMBER:  The front panel of the DGX will show the update status or this can be monitored via the DGX WebGui System/Devices page by clicking the "Switcher Update Status" button. 

  • If upgrading from version v3.8.13 to v3.8.18  OR  downgrading from v3.8.21 to v3.8.18:
    1. With all I/O cards in the DGX enclosure and the 5002 online, send the EnovaDGX_3.8.18.kit and allow it to fully update the DGX system (MCPU and all I/O cards) per the normal process. This update should take about 30-40 minutes.
    2. Once the 5002 is back online proceed to the Controller Update and Endpoint Update steps. 
  • If upgrading to v3.8.18 from any version PRIOR to v3.8.13:
    1. With all I/O cards in the DGX enclosure and the 5002 online, first send the simple MCPU Only kit (DGXMCPU_FW_simple_v3_8_3_4.kit) and allow it to finish updating the MCPU.  This update should only take about 10 minutes.  
    2. Once that update is complete and the 5002 is back online, send the full EnovaDGX_3.8.18.kit and allow it to fully update all I/O cards.  This final update time will depend on the starting versions of all I/O cards in your system.  (40+ min)
    3. Once the 5002 is back online proceed to the Controller Update and Endpoint Update steps.  

Step 2: Controller Update

  • ​​Next load SW2106_NX-X200_Controller_v1_8_107​.kit to device 0, wait for the DGX to reboot and come back online before proceeding to the Endpoint Updates.​​


Step 3: 4K60 Endpoint Update

  • Finally, update the 4K60 DXLink (Twisted Pair/Fiber) Transmitter/Receiver endpoints to the latest firmware version.

  • Note:  Version v1.7.6 has some important offline fixes that will help with consistent endpoint online behavior.

  • 4K60 DXLink Twisted Pair endpoints (compatible only with 4K60  DXLink Twisted Pair I/O cards) require v1.7.6 or later.

Please note that the endpoints below are NOTcompatible with the 4K60 I/O cards but they may be used on supported 2k/4k30 cards in the same cage that also has 4K60 I/O and endpoints. 

Discretion must be used to ensure that any video passed to or through I/O cards and/or endpoints does not exceed the supported maximum video format for that specific product.  

  • 4K30 RX endpoint (compatible/supported only with 2k and 4K30 DXLink Output cards)






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