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DGX x00 with 4K60 DXLink - Switcher & Controller Update



​This article contains two downloads (loca​ted in upper right corner of this page): and an updated 

​NOTE:  These files should only be used on Enova DGX x00 series systems using 4K60 DXLink Copper or Fiber cards & associated endpoints.  

DGX systems without 4K60 DXLink cards & endpoints should use v3.6.30

Main features/fixes include:

DGX Switcher features/fixes since 3.8.7 (see readme for more details)

  • ​​Adds support for 4K60 DXLink Fiber I/O boards 
  • Improve switching performance and reduce video delay after hotplugging using 4K60 I/O cards and endpoints
  • Fix various reporting issues with ​WebUI Video Details and DXLink Details 

NX Controller fixes since 1.8.86 (applicable to DGX x00 switchers with 4K60 cards)

  • Fixed an issue that prevented setting the NTP server from the WebUI

  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error pop-up when selecting Static IP address

  • Various Web UI improvements for DGX x00 switcher, including updates to tiles and legend
  • Corrected Web UI issues related to Video and Audio I/O configuration pages for DXLite endpoints connected to DGX 4K I/O cards

Overall​ steps to this article:

When adding 4K60 DXLink cards to the Enova DGX x00 series switcher, the recommended upgrade path is as follows:

Step 1:

  • ​If the DGX is not already updated to 3.6.30, remove any 4K60 DXLink I/O cards and load the EnovaDGX_3.6.30.kit to device 5002 and allow it to complete that update and come back online. - (3.6.30).   (Note:  If the DGX is not at v3.6.30 prior to loading v3.8.13, the v3.8.13 firmware transfer will fail and require a reboot to start the first update, then another v3.8.13 transfer will be needed per step 3 below).  
    • Depending on your starting kit version, loading this firmware can take some time, so please be patient and don't reboot the DGX until it is done updating. ​ 
    • ​The front panel of the DGX will show the update status or this can be monitored from the DGX webgui on the System/Devices page by clicking the "Switcher Update Status" button. 
  • ​​​​Next ADD the 4K60 DXLink I/O cards and then load EnovaDGX_3.8.13​.kit to device 5002.  Wait for the DGX to reboot and the 5002 device to reappear in the online tree in Netlinx Studio.  This final update should take less than 30 minutes.  See the DGX readme programming section for further details.

Step 2:

  • ​Next load SW2106_NX-X200_Controller_v1_8_90.kit to device 0, wait for the DGX to reboot and come back online.
    • ​​​Note: The Controller zip has a Device v1.1.50 included but this is only required by the DVX-4K system.  It is not needed for the DGX.

Step 3:

Finally, update the 4K60 DXLink (Copper or Fiber) Transmitter and/or Receiver endpoints to the latest released firmware versions:

  • 4K60 Copper endpoints (compatible only with 4K60  DXLink Copper I/O cards) - These need v1.6.7 or later.
Please note that the endpoints below are not compatible with the 4K60 I/O cards but they may be used on supported cards in a cage that also has 4K60 I/O and endpoints.
Discretion must be used to ensure that any video passed to or through I/O cards and/or endpoints does not exceed the supported maximum video format for that product.
  • 4K30 endpoint (compatible only with 2k and 4K30 DXLink Output cards)

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