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Zoom Rooms app update for G5


Release Notes


1.8.45 or later firmware available here:​

Zoom Rooms Controller 5.7.3

New and Enhanced Features:

In-meeting Features
- Active Apps Notifier Enhancements
- The Active Apps Notifier will only be displayed to attendees if an app has accessed data during an on-going meeting. When the Notifier is displayed, it will categorize the type of meeting data that the third party app is accessing.
- Mute and Video Off when joining a recorded/live streamed Meeting
- When a Zoom Room joins a meeting that is already being recorded and/or live streamed, they will join with their video off and muted until they consent to the recording prompt. After consenting, they will be able to unmute and turn on their video, if the host allows them to.

Management Features
- Disable in-meeting chat replies
- Administrators can enable or disable the ability to reply to in-meeting chats from the Zoom web portal.

Resolved issues
- Minor bug fixes

Release Notes for Zoom Rooms Android Controller:

New Zoom Rooms Controller App Use Policies

With the release of Zoom Rooms Controller app version 5.5.0 (and newer), ZOOM requires the app be run full-screen only.  Because of this new policy, the app cannot be run in an app window with AMX control buttons side-by-side.  This new functionality is being enforced by ZOOM and the app will not operate in an app window.

As a workaround, please consider implementing Zoom’s “Room Control” functionality: .  You can use this feature to either add control buttons to the ZRC app, or simply add a [Close App] button.  This [Close App] button would send a user-defined string back to your Netlinx controller, and when that string is received the Netlinx controller can be coded to send the ^APP- command to your touch panel which will close the app.  This command does not affect an in-progress meeting/call, and will not affect pairing/login status.  Please note you must be using a paid Zoom Rooms account to enable the Room Control feature. *Example Code is available for download - ZRC with Room Controls.AXW

Beginning November 1, 2021, customers will be required to update their Zoom software to ensure it is no more than nine months behind the current version, at any given time.  To prepare for the new schedule, ZOOM recommends their customers update to the latest release supported by their organization, or at minimum software version 5.5.0, prior to November 1st.


Modero G5 Touch Panel
Firmware Version 1.8.45 or newer

Installing Applications From an External USB Drive

Load the application (APX files) on an external USB drive and plug the USB drive into the G5 panel.
(USB Drive must be formatted to MS-DOS (FAT32))

Enter the device settings menu, navigate to 'Install Apps from USB', and press 'Open'.
(Settings -> Reset and Update -> App Manager -> Install Apps from USB)

When the 'APX Install' page opens, the root directory of the connected USB drive will be scanned for
APX files. Once the scan is complete, the UI will be populated with APX files that are valid for the

This page is divided into two sections: 'UPDATES' and 'INSTALLS'
-'UPDATES' Shows any valid APX files for this device that are updates to currently installed
-'INSTALLS' Shows any valid APX files for this device that are new installs.

Press the checkboxes on the left hand side to select the apps to update or install.

Once all apps have been selected for installation/update, press 'Install'.

Once the 'Install' button is pressed, only the selected items will be visible in the APX Install page.
The right hand side of each line item will show the progress of the install.

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