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960L - Format New HDD



My Lexicon 960L is no longer functioning properly, can the HDD be formatted?


​Begin by formatting the new HDD to FAT (not 32 or NTFS, FAT16 should be fine).

You will need a backup utility software. If you do not have one, you can download Macrium Reflect for free at

The HDD image file can be downloaded to right under Downloads 

Once you have the image file, follow the instructions below to restore the image to the HDD.

  1. Open Macrium Reflect and select Restore > Browse For An Image To Restore
  2. Navigate to where Disk Image file is located and select it
  3. Select Restore Image on the right
  4. Make sure all boxes are checked in the image, multiple partitions
  5. A window will pop up, and you can select the disk to restore to. Make sure the disk is connected to the PC and is available, hit next.
  6. Click Finish to begin process. When done, close software and disconnect Hard Drive and install and boot into the 960L. When prompted for serial number enter it in – we had to add two extra 00's to the second half of the serial number for it to take.

To unlock the additional reverb and automation packages, you will need to contact Lexicon technical support to have these option codes generated for you.







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