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DXLINK 4K60 RX and TX 1_6_5 firmware files

Hotfix firmware - software

​​This article contains one zip (4K60 TX_RX firmware which contains two kits: one for the 4K60 Transmitter and one for the 4K60 Receiver. 

Note:  ​The firmware version for both the 4K60 TX & RX is v1.6.5 but each endpoint has it's own kit included in the attached zip.

This firmware for the new DX-TX-4K60 and DX-RX-4K60 is a required update if connecting these to a DGX x00 Series Switcher with the new 4K60 DXLink Input/Output cards.  

It is also a recommended update if using the 4K60 TX & /RX with a new DVX-4K system.  

Overall steps for this article:

  1. ​Ensure the Enova DVX-4K or Enova DGX Switchers are updated to the required versions:
    1. Enova DVX - v1.8.4
    2. Enova DGX - v3.8.7
  2. Update 4K60 DXLink endpoints

Step 1:

If using the 4K60 DXLink TX & RX with a compatible switcher, update the Enova DVX-4K and Enova DGX Switcher and Controller to their required versions:

Step 2:

Update the 4K60 TX & RX endpoints

  • Connect the 4K60 TX and RX endpoints to a Netlinx Central Controller (Master) or to an Enova DVX-4K or Enova DGX (with the required versions).  Factory TX/RX units will automatically bind to the the DVX-4K and DGX if they are set to Autosetup.  (The TX will get address 198.18.130.x where x is the input port#.  And the RX will get address 198.18.134.y where y is the output port# )
  • Tansfer the appropriate TX or RX kit v1.6.5 and wait for them to fully update and come back online.  After the transfer of the file, they will continue to update and will display some final update info on their HDMI output to a display.  They will reboot when the update is completed and will return to the online tree.
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